my banded love rail

my imperfections Lord I can see
Jesus in me
my banded love rail tale –
my conversation went something like this I wonder why? & what is it that it is that You want me to write?
Dear Lord,
You prompt me to search me to redeem these old pics peculiar to end times You awaken me I’m curious I believe – snap out of it what’s it all about Alfie but its not the song I sing perhaps the Song of redemption? the Song of Your return? whats in it for Your children Father? Your world Father?
as always – You tell me later – on I write- in faith – banded rails!
yes! unusual strange I reclaim from the past to picket sights peculiar to Your presence to present to persons now on earth His mysteries too dicey a predicament their future to ignore His inclination too strong in me He has something to say! I – so – overwhelmed – I – say-
suddenly! from samphire & salt bush & sword grass united He cuts a vision like bleary eyed I peer into the ready blackness that fairly protects disguises in morning light the little blurred blob slowly does it that arises asks to be spotted none the less!
eased from hiding full view now – is it? ha!
be still – lying in bed now to my bedroom window wow! somewhat hunched he walks out shy little fellow I’ve seen him before in the distance here a dart there a dart every where a dart dart prefers to keep to cover but no such notions for me God has other plans for me to see His magic His delights – like no other He delights in me signs & wonders He goes before me He’s Jesus He announces me anoints me blesses me sends me more often than rarely these days & supernaturally a few feet in front of me – He comes – come on!
birdwatcher’s Paradise purely merely to open my eyes to arise oh sleeper here
believe it?
God is true! & just out of the blue He will come to you like that – that’s why He sends me to rail you write you derail you from world’s vice
come on! to Jesus – He’s true & so nice & because so suddenly … but when the day of God’s judgment does come it will be unannounced like a thief the sky will collapse with a thunderous bang everything disintegrating in a huge conflagration earth and all its works exposed to the scrutiny of Judgement
& also because … the Spirit of God the Master is on me because God anointed me He sent me to preach good news to the poor heal the heart broken announce freedom to all captives pardon all prisoners …
so to all the poor prisoners over to you I
pray you are released in Jesus name!
thank You my Father Your wonderful message deliverance is mine
Yours truly
Heather xo





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