… from death to Life!

The following words are extracted from Ellen Meyer (my great grandmother) from the ‘story of her life’ She has written a wonderful story beginning with her conversion at 18 years – into Jesus – at a Henry Varley (well known evangelist at that time) meeting & further she describes trials & travels moving house numerous times to end up in Ashbourne SA. Ellen is 70 when she writes of the wonders miracles joys friendships love over the years with her family – her husband & 10 children. She brings the Lord & His Word into the story all the time – it is a very precious piece of writing . Henry Meyer my great grandfather left a diary – very personal words revealing a sin conscious man who desired to live for the Lord too. He was actually a part time preacher. I have incorporated both works into a small booklet. I have distributed some to family members as The Lord led. I’m thinking now that perhaps I might look at turning it into an e book but I will wait on God’s timing & open doors for that. But for now I felt led to write out just this little bit – it’s about death – but it shows how death should be for a believer – not to be feared – it is a mere re-entry into Life with God forever & ever & ever …

“Whilst at Happy Valley my husband’s sister was taken very ill so ill the doctor said she was in consumption. She came to live with us & it was indeed precious to have her. She lived the Christ like life & in death she was triumphant. Her death bed I shall never forget, as we stood around her bedside she Oh I can see Heavenly Father & the Lord Jesus by Him. My dear husband broke down & wept, he felt so happy. It really did not seem like death. It just seemed as if she were passing from us into eternal regions of splendor & we were allowed to go to the threshold with her.”

… whooh I’m feelin’ the Holy Spirit as I read over these precious precious words – do you see that?! Henry’s sister saw Jesus by the Heavenly Father – just before she passed on! for real GOD IS – REAL – now come on anyone one who reads this come on if you don’t know Jesus by now call upon His name quick smart! coz – He is TRUE!



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