make melody

before closing my eyes & after through the sleeping hours Banjo frog is bonk – bonk bonk – bonk I try to mimic the sound makes perfect sense to my ears God is funny His critter laughs makes melody jovial intrigue clearly eternity echoes resounds Oh My children My children – Twilight beckons my heart –
let them Lord Jesus one day please that I & the children my family my friends whoever more all call upon Your name – may stand before You I pray blessed assurance our names every one in the Book of Life –
Comforter You come You remind You reside with me – bonk – yes You are are here – bonk – You are always here ha ha merry merry & again bonk – I wonder I think it’s only fresh water for this frog – have faith in Me God says to me trust My Son My peace I give you not as the world gives sky & earth will pass away but My words will not pass away – Jesus gives me living waters – if you had only known He said to the woman at the well Who it is that is saying to you give Me a drink you would have asked Him instead & He would have given you living water – fresh water from Heaven’s well – forgive me Jesus when I take it on worry myself – You’ve secured Your Promise already!
how do I forget oh me of little faith! drink the living water
oh my soul
drink it in
be comforted
be wise


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