because I wait for Him He acts on my behalf

Isaiah 64:4
From ancient times no one has heard
no one has listened
no eye has seen any God except You
who acts on behalf of the one who waits for Him … that’s me
I’m awake
the wind blows so strong outside God fills me with His Spirit my heart swells I can feel it the door is open a bit to let in fresh air
I breathe
the air through my nostrils force of Almighty God Who art in Heaven You are
You tell me Your name
You say Your name You say Your name is I AM
oh wonderful Father I love I wait so thankful to You for Jesus my Saviour I love You forever I am indebted to You
Jesus You call me friend only honour love & obey Your Father You say
I will oh I am so privileged God You are so good to me
Your angel for me I saw in a vision to my eyes a silhouette wings outlined blue like the negative of a photo running on the spot hilarious gait big humility stance approaching me fast upon me stark embark only for his Master’s agenda but set off the firing gun now this angel wants to get going run flat-out to help me take the world back for Him God sends me my angel tell him what to do will I?!
Holy Spirit guides
my commands to my angel
He is the same yesterday Today & forever oh God my Redeemer words fail me no words can explain the gratitude I feel – utter Him Heather Heavenly words – I laugh I know Lord You HAVE made a Way praise Jesus forever more Heather oh my soul He loves you!



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