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Contemplate my contemplations will ya?

My morning contemplations from the Word – contemplate my contemplations will ya?

Genesis 9:5
I will require the life of every animal and every man for your life and your blood. I will require the life of each mans brother for a mans life.

See it is not in God to kill animals for food – it is since Adam & Eve when they chose not to listen to God & go ahead & eat the forbidden fruit – Satan came into the hearts of people – killing is in Satan’s world – when an animal or a person is killed God requires recompense for that animal or person – killing is not in God – however He is a just God & since the ‘fall’ or people turning away from God & doing their own thing – it is necessary for God – & God requires an account for – a sacrifice – a pay back – for the wrong done to that animal or person – & a redeeming claim – & redemption is birthed for the wrong doer – freedom for the wrong doer! – once the blood is given – & sacrifice is given over – God requires recompense – this is in His nature – this is in essence a truth for life to exist -it is an essential element for God to keep His creation going – this is necessary to keep things going – keep life going for Him to have payback – recompense – life for a life – it is only right – it is His righteous way – blood for blood – every person on earth will have to give an account for what they have done in their life – God needs this to maintain Creation – God is holy & pure. He keeps us breathing?! Who are we to question God’s mysteries of Creation? He made the world didn’t He?! It is His genius His love that keeps it going isn’t it?! – but look – God makes it easy for us – God knows we could never payback what is required so He sacrificed His own blood on our behalf took the blame for us – blood for blood – life for life – our magnificent 3 part God – God the Father sent Himself – God the son Jesus – to sacrifice for our sins on the Cross – & even more than that Jesus when He got to Heaven was able to send Himself – God the Holy Spirit – to us to enlighten & empower us to this truth – He tells me so I tell you sorta thing! Believe it or not! but you are – in deed & thought -so much smarter when you believe it & receive it!
Get in on the mysteries of God now – read the Bible Today & start at the beginning – ha! How’s that for an advert for God! You gotta know He’s good!

Blessed ya Today!
xo Heather


our 12th wedding anniversary

singing over the river His Glory Appears words & music by Marty Sampson & Darlene Zschech – such a beautiful song beautiful words to lean into Him with

🎵You gave me hope You made me whole at the cross.
You took my place, You showed me grace, at the cross where You died for me.
And His glory appears like the light from the sun.
Age to age He shines.
Oh look to the skies, hear the angels cry.
Singing ‘Holy is the Lord’












feather in my hat!

stuck a feather in my hat Today! scooped up my pelican quill vicinity of Currency Creek waters- been pedaling around Billy Goat Islands – nuzzled into some reeds & watched families of Straw Necked Ibis on nests that looked like swans nests – maybe they were – hijacked? better check my book – not just some awe Today but lots a awe Today! the Oasis stays on the car roof ready for tomorrow’s venture- may even see the sunrise somewhere else- it’s our wedding anniversary tomorrow! twelve years blessed.
maybe they weren’t I didn’t think so just looked similar

Straw – Necked Ibis Threskiornis spinicollis
Other names – Dryweather Bird, Farmer’s Friend, Letterbird …I like Letterbird.












write the sunrise Today

the pelican sauntered in landed to make a circle ripple
the egret still in the middle of the lagoon disappeared as I looked up so did the pelican gone in a wink
a flock of cormorants flapped by
terns nose down straight passed me on a mission red kneed dotterels tickled the shoreline
more terns
what were they in the distance shadows of birds I know them the two pelicans like flying boats but those are grey teals I think through my dad’s gift of telescope here comes the sun
boy it’s quick peeking out brilliant round gold
before the sun it was reds blues shades of colors now the sun has fully emerged its gold a family of swans mumma poppa & three bubs paddle on by a cormorant dives the stillness is exquisite the colors still subtle in the morning light this is what I see but I know the One Who created what I see is greater than me has a plan for me a magpie yodels agrees
welcome swallows dance the sun is now reflecting over the water too hard to look at I’ll write this sunrise two pelicans three o’clock & gone onto the horizon things are looking pretty heavenly good! More pelicans gathering I know what they’re doing they’re fishing it comes natural for them
a white faced heron primed poised under the jetty & the sweet murray magpie totters on the muddy flat disappears terns cormorants life goes on
Jesus knows
He has a plan
I go now but now the Presence I sense Him near me in the atmosphere not what I see fish pelicans fish! His time draws near
sooner than I think
I think
better go my husband awaits me I know



what is a bruised reed?

What is a bruised reed? a Pharisee, a terrorist, a murderer, a thief, a prostitute, a liar, a sexually immoral person, a religious person, an idol worshipper, a person who worships other gods rather than the one true God of Abraham Isaac & Jacob, an atheist, a person who’d rather remain indifferent to God & trust in the world who is too frightened to step out & look into if God is true & so believe for God, even a child molester – all people & many others – all of us – who have been hurt & bruised by the evil one Satan – & even the Pharisees who organised Jesus crucifixion – Jesus would not break them even though they wanted to kill Him. He knew they would do what they did to Him. He saw it coming. Jesus is prophetic -He is the Spirit of prophecy but He would not put out their light what little light they had because Jesus is God & He has the kindness of God on Him & He bruises no one … except Himself for our sake … reach out to the Cross – there you will find Him – He died & rose again to eternity – to save all sinners to eternity – He came for all the bruised reeds.
Isaiah 42:3
a bruised reed he will not break,
and a faintly burning wick he will not quench;
he will faithfully bring forth justice.


Israel needs your prayers

Satan is responsible for the hatred of the Jews. Jesus is a Jew. He is King of the Jews. Jesus is King of us all. When Jesus gave Himself to be crucified for our sins He totally destined Satan to the eternal pit forever. Jesus rendered Satan powerless. Jesus renders us believers powerful. He sent us Holy Spirit to guide & comfort & counsel & supernaturally empower us. Satan knows this & Satan can be seen in the world now & in the past hating on the Jews trying to kill them. Remember Hitler? How did he get away with murdering all those Jews. Satan puts veils over people’s eyes & out of fear people just let it happen. Because of internet Today Satan’s veil can be exposed. See how little the country of Israel is? & see how many are Israel’s enemies all around surrounding them who are trying to overtake Israel’s little piece of land for themselves. Israel is having rockets fired at it NOW & they’re not supposed to defend themselves or fire back?! Come on – as if Australia wouldn’t fire back rockets to a country that was firing at us. Why is it deemed bad by some that Israel fire rockets to defend itself? I’ll tell you why- its because Satan deceives people pulls the veil over people’s eyes. Wake up people & I mean every person that reads this -because all the world needs to see the truth about the Jews NOW & see the truth of what is happening to the Jewish people again. Satan hates the Jewish people -especially because Jesus defeated him & because Jesus is Jewish. Everyone who awakens anew to my message can pray & support Israel NOW. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
Psalms 122:
6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
May those who love you prosper;
7 may there be peace within your walls,
prosperity within your fortresses.

my email supporting marriage to SA MP’s

God made man & woman to have babies & raise them in a right way before Him. God’s moral way to live is in the Bible. Instinct & nature declares unequivocally that man goes with woman- it’s so obvious & when people go against this morality from God disease despair & confusion comes. People have moved away from God & believe only in their own understandings their emotions their own perceptions of life from childhood & from their past generations but without God’s guidance people go off track from the prosperous healthy way God would have them live. The Church is finally waking up to this & I as part of God’s Church need to stand when I see people making ungodly decisions in government laws. For my children I say please consider what stares you blatantly in the face & recognize that woman was made from man to be a helpmeet for man & they were meant for each other. Marriage is a God ordained union & not to messed with!