the clinging hand

found this in my great grandmother’s story of her life & God impressed on me to copy it out & post it – you WILL be blessed as you read:

“An extract – Elise sent me July 29th 1935

It is by no means enough to set out cheerfully with your God, on any venture of faith.
Tear into small shreds any itinerary for the journey your imagination may have drawn up.
Nothing will fall out as you expect.
Your Guide will keep to no beaten road.
He will lead you by yawning gulfs under beetling cliffs such as you never dreamt your eyes would look upon.
He knows no fear & He expects you to fear nothing whilst He is with you.
The clinging hand of His child makes a desperate situation, a delight to Him.
A true walk with God will do more to awaken awe, wonder & amazement in your soul than would a century of travel through the sights of earth.
It is your business to learn to be peaceful & safe in God in every situation time or eternity can develop in this or any other world that He may lead you.
To take you to the end by the way you know would profit you little.
He chooses for you a way you know not, that you may be compelled into a thousand intercourses with Himself, which will make the journey forever remarkable to Him & to you.


my new years morning brings colours emerald green & maroon & floating feathers & many birds watching us & 3 great crested grebes & one cormorant safely fishing beside our little sailboat & a Word I believe “The sun will go down & the sun will come up again three times & then I will tell you something new.”
I was seeking for a new Word from God & this is what I heard I’m sure!



sun goes down on the first day of 2013 – bless Jesus Heather!



2nd day of 2013 this morning’s sunrise – God enabled me to capture not only His sunrise in the few seconds that it was out – because it literally disappeared as clouds came down on top of it – but also He gave me the neighbors Australia flag – a prophetic sign to the times – to put in my picture also. See the stars of the Southern Cross – it is no coincidence that our Australian flag has a Cross on it! The ruling spirit of the great South Land is Holy Spirit!

20/10/12 the morning session at the Joshua Mills concert I wrote in my note pad :
ruling spirit over this area all Australia is the Holy Spirit –
πŸ’‘got a vision of the Southern Cross
when Joshua was saying this about the ruling spirit of Australia is the Holy Spirit.

someone in my dream – a little girl – was reciting her poem & towards the end of the recitation I heard her clearly say the two words ” I AM ” – I heard the two words to my ears – they resonated to my heart to remember – I thought oh yes that’s a good way for her to end her poem & I thought of the great I AM Who is God & Knew He was leading me to look up I AM on my Bible app – this is the verse -Exodus 3:14
God said to Moses, β€œ I am who I am.” And he said, β€œSay this to the people of Israel, β€˜ I am has sent me to you. ’”

& God leads me to show you the following verse – Exodus 3:15
God also said to Moses, β€œSay this to the people of Israel, β€˜The Lord, the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you. ’ This is my name forever, and thus I am to be remembered throughout all generations…
& also to tell you that God keeps His promise to Moses & the Israelites & He keeps His promise to you – in Heaven under Heaven on earth Jesus is the promised Messiah & He will reign forevermore! Jesus is in Heaven seated at the right Hand of His Father – He is also on earth living in you because after He died He sent you Holy Spirit – awesome life saving mystery of redemption right there!
this all leads me to conclude that the great I AM is the ruler of the great South Land!




I am very pleased with two sunset pics this 2nd January 2013 – thank You Father & You remind me to the three of Yourself – Father Son & Holy Spirit – & there are a lot of the number three in the Bible – the Bible is inexhaustible intrigue & wonder full of revelation for life now & forever! love my Word!






… it’s about waiting with patience on the Lord this third sunrise of January 2013 –
a little birdie told me that the sun was coming up Today (mere fabrication)
Holy Spirit told me to keep my eyes on the Son of God (Truth)
*see what John the Baptist says in the Book of John chapter 1 verse 34 “And I have seen & have borne witness that this is the Son of God”



Tonight’s sunset 3rd January 2013 I was talking to mum on the phone the same time as taking this shot – she didn’t know – didn’t want to be rude – however it turned out ok – I couldn’t miss this sunset after what I heard God say to me in my spirit. It’s so hard sometimes to choose a pic because I took two others & they are just as beautiful – perhaps more so – but seeing the tiny bird passing by the big sun did it for me – thank You my Lord Jesus – your creation is forever changing forever beautiful – You are mighty to save!
‘Heather’ God said to me during sunrise ‘ Keep your eyes on the Son of God.’ Oh God is so good – I have my blessed Three – Father Son & Holy Spirit – I can’t lose!






look at what the 4th January 2013 sunrise brought with it! God is ingenious to my heart – He knows the things I love – Tony is my love my beautiful man gentle & strong so clever with his hands – help me Lord to love him as I should – praise you Jesus You provided me so wonderful a helpmeet – bless You Jesus πŸ’›

God will tell me something new Today … although He has revealed to me that He tells me something new every day!
I am learning about consistency persistency & finishing the race. I am learning to be obedient to what He tells me – all thanks for these revelations go only to Jesus – my Lord & Saviour.


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