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the key is to pray

I prayed to God my Father in Heaven in Jesus name … please that I never forget You. He said Holy Spirit will always remember Me to you & then I remembered the story of Peter & Jesus & He said to me Do you like me Heather & I said yes & He said Feed My sheep & He said again Do you like Me Heather & I said yes & He said Feed My sheep & He said Do you love Me Heather & I said yes I love You Jesus & He said Feed My sheep & when I got home from pedaling to the end of the river I discovered the lost keys (in my shirt pocket! hidden beneath the shells I had picked up) that belonged to my diary present from Him & I realized that He loved me miraculously & He said the key is to pray & when you forget Holy Spirit will remind you.


& so Tony & I are at the end of the river & look at all the people there!
I talk to God … the ground under my feet every step I take here on this sand I feel to reclaim for You Jesus – this land belongs to You Jesus & I claim it back for You Jesus – Today in Your name that Your glory come down – that Your name be known – that Your name be glorified – here! at the Murray Mouth – & I know many others are praying who also know of the prophecies for revival that have been spoken over this whole Southern Fleurieu area – even by Smith Wigglesworth himself – & so I pray – Your kingdom come Your will be done – the land is Yours! I take it in Jesus name!



…this is where all the people came from


… but as Joshua Mills said the ruling spirit over this great Southland is the Holy Spirit


…when I said pedaled this is what I meant – in our Hobie!

… pray without ceasing – God is listening!



cry cry because it releases the pressure on my heart

… in memory of Pedro 🙂
Pedro sailed up to Heaven yesterday at 3pm – I think this is a little falcon that visited early that morning that twelfth day of April 2013 – it’s tri-colour like Pedro!


… & this is a black shouldered kite visited the next morning


it’s ok – He sees me 😉 & Tony 😉 God has Pedro now & I imagine Pedro looking up at the Father & Jesus with those big brown eyes, big open smile, tongue hanging out, in total adoration – we will all get to see Pedro again I know – I miss him

see the colour & new life blooming from the pics taken the morning after Pedro’s day to leave … see the golden Crucifix in the orchid? God has a plan! What a God to make a dog as Pedro! oh my heart I loved that little poopalata – kisses to Heaven to you Pedro – I love you!




honour God with your life

Galatians 6:7-8
Do not be deceived and deluded and misled; God will not allow Himself to be sneered at (scorned, disdained, or mocked by mere pretensions or professions, or by His precepts being set aside.) [He inevitably deludes himself who attempts to delude God.] For whatever a man sows, that and that only is what he will reap.
For he who sows to his own flesh (lower nature, sensuality) will from the flesh reap decay and ruin and destruction, but he who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life.


read about my miracle

Saturday night I was at a Passover meal at the Covenant Church with Tony – so beautifully presented – even a Messianic Jewish young ministry man who came with his family from Israel led us through the meal according to Jewish tradition. There was dancing around the room. The Spirit of God is alive & well & He is moving in this place – the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula. A group of people on one table were from Papua New Guinea. As we got up to get our main Passover meals (which was lamb from Pastor Paul Glazbrook’s own sheep that he had set aside just for this Passover) I spoke to a lady called Francesca from Papua New Guinea & she told me that they had come down to Goolwa to pray 24/7 for this area of the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula specifically sent because of the prophecies that they had heard spoken over this area. I said oh do you mean Smith Wigglesworth? & she said yes that he was one of them. I became so excited about this because I see that God is going to fast forward His plan for this Southern Fleurieu area & I will see prophecies coming true. I prophesy unity within the Body of Christ in this area. I prophesy manifestations of healing that are going to completely confound & amaze people that there will be no denying that Jesus lives & heals Today! Those people from Papua New Guinea are praying for us! 24/7! And I’ve heard that when these people start to pray that they never give up until they see that their prayers are answered!
And last night Monday night Tony & I attended Raf Shaw’s meeting at Middleton & I received miraculous healing! The day before a lump suddenly grew in my neck – I actually felt it grow! I thought perhaps it might be something to do with an infected tooth – maybe? -I began to have worrying thoughts about dentists & also what if it wasn’t a dental problem & something more ominous but I stopped myself from those thoughts & entered into that place of trusting Jesus – I wanted to believe for Jesus to take it away – & so I made myself believe because I really do know that He heals but when it comes to me needing to be healed it is a trial – a trial of my faith – at home I asked Tony to lay hands on my neck & pray which he did – driving over to the meeting I started talking about making dental appointments etc etc & Tony said go to Doctor Jesus first – so Tony instilled in me more faith – because it really is Jesus Who heals me & I must trust Him – at the beginning of the meeting during the worship singing led by two beautiful young girls who were accompanied by a young man called Rowan from Queensland who played the bongo drums – I felt something ooze inside my mouth – a release if you like of the pressure & hardness of the infection but the lump remained – then Raf asked if anyone wanted prayer for healing – Tony encouraged me to go up to the front & went to stand behind me to catch me – Raf prayed – I just gave it all over to God & said in myself I’m going for it – & I gracefully fell backwards into His healing realms – going for it – & Tony stopped any hard fall. Raf spoke the words no pain & the swelling to go down – & as I laid on the floor I felt His presence in me to heal me & I gave over to Him in my spirit & I was so free. After a few minutes on the floor ( other people around me were getting prayed for & falling into Him too – one girl for the first time) Raf told Ian Shepherd to help me up – it was kind of funny – & Raf asked if the lump was going & I realized that it was beginning to go & that I definitely had no pain. On the way home the lump was getting less & less & this morning as I write this it’s practically not there – it is still tender from the effect of the infection & all that but God has done a miracle & He has let me experience a miracle & I want everyone to know because He is a loving living God Who does miracles Today!
I’m still going to make a dental appointment but I am overdue for a checkup. I am so happy to know that God works miracles & takes my pain away & that I am not dependent on people & their medical ability or lack there of.
Praise God all you saints out there – whoever reads this praise God He comes soon – sooner than you think – for sure!