Let’s play!

Isaiah 46:11
I call a bird of prey from the east,
a man for My purpose from a far country.
Yes, I have spoken; so I will also bring it about.
I have planned it; I will also do it.





Last night swamp harrier swooped across my vision ever so quickly, enough time to grab the camera. Several minutes later attracted to the sunsetting I took another photo. Look what God did! The light shape is the same as the bird shape. And I was led by the Spirit to Calvin’s interpretation of Isaiah 46:11. Awesome stuff! As quick as a blink my warrior God will come! As fast as a thought. As fast as a bird of prey! And believe me that swamp harrier is fast! Get ready get ready get ready! Enjoy the ride prophetic ones who love Jesus! God IS coming soon & He has a part for you to play in the preparation for His coming! Lets play all my fellow children of God! God loves us with a never ending love!


Tony had a vision 1st December of the glory over Goolwa.
A few days ago God gave me a photograph of light in clouds forming the same shape as a photograph I took several minutes earlier of a swamp harrier in flight.
Tony said that that photograph resembled very closely the vision he was given.
He did a sketch of the photo to represent what he saw.
Happy New Year everyone!
Glory over Goolwa!


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