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We are 24/7 open gates

























19th March 2014
Tony, Me, Donna, Suzanne, Avis & Liana walked to Bird Island at the Murray Mouth.
The morning sunrise clouds to me looked like a gate. In the cloud formations there seems to be the Hebrew letter ‘dalet’ which means door & two ‘heh’ (raised arms) Hebrew letters meaning to reveal or open. It also looks like 777.
Suzanne had been getting door a few weeks ago. I had been discussing this with Suzanne & told her I had just bought Red Door perfume. Ha ha! Donna had been getting gate. When we met at Sugars beach we found out Avis had been getting keys.
Jesus IS the Door!
Door & Gate same thing.
I was getting Gatekeeper.
John 10:3 The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, & the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name & leads them out.
And somehow Tony found what seemed a solitary child’s footprint in the sand as we were walking!
It says to me ‘Come as a child. Unless you do you can’t enter in.’
Here’s a few words spoken at the Mouth:
“The door posts moved.”
“The boundaries are subject to change.”
“His mouth was touched by a coal.”
“Three keys – name(blue), blood(red), Word(green) held together by the circle of obedience(gold). Those who love Me will obey Me.”
Blockages that stop people from coming to Him.
Where the blood is smothered, where the fire burns, His glory burns.
Plead the blood.
Out of the belly will flow living waters.
We will start with the covering of the blood.
And take Communion.
It’s about freedom & the flow restored.
We declare the gates open & we use the keys.
This is our rightful inheritance.
Here are some words from Suzanne( her & me chat on FB:

Etienne says that our eyes and ears are gates to our spirit. We must be careful what we let in and out. Gates were where contracts, agreements and decisions were made in cities (in Leviticus, Deuteronomy etc). In the spirit we are like a city.

inside we are building our own new Jerusalem

In Revelation it talks about the new Jerusalem where Jesus can stay and dwell all the time, which is what we want in ourselves. If our gates are not occupied by Him, then He cannot live in us fully.

isn’t that awesome? Agreements and decisions are made with our eyes and ears.

other gates: your mouth and what you touch

Your gate of first love controls all your gates

such wisdom

And I replied “Is where we must always return 💛”

Here is some text from Donna:
Hi Heather, Had time this morn to check out pics and chart, going on your expectation, exploration of sky. I see the dark clouds more as sign language- a curvy arrow joining a letter c then an upward arrow and the letter r. It reads to me as Flow, lift up, pointing to, the First/ beginning. The c in our language is ‘foot’ and the childs footprint has mem in it, the living water in this generation will be part of their footprint on the face of the earth.
I still see the Genesis flow in the gold clouds, underneath the writing.
Wed was about the flow of Heaven being unblocked, like it was at the beginning. The flow went out from Eden into earth, rivers of gold, healing, so deep , one must immerse to cross.
Lift up the ancient doors! x

Also Liana did a sweet little water colour which I wished I had photographed of a rainbow & a door. I’ll try & get a pic.
And I discovered that in Hebrew it is the year of the Door! Funny that heh! (Raise your arms in praise & say hey!)
We declared open gates. We prayed facing the east.
24-7 from now on its Psalm 24-7 :
Lift up your heads, you gates!
Rise up, ancient doors!
Then the King of glory will come in.
I am so full of Holy Spirit right now!
Full of His love!



This sweet little water colour was painted by Liana on this special day.


Even though Veronika wasn’t there on Wednesday with us she was there in Spirit.
Conversations with Veronika on phone-

Veronika: WOW. THanx 4 that. I did some more when u were all @ th beach and finished it th night after. I appreciate yr comments. I also felt yr prayers for me then & I settled with peace. I really love my paintg times. Th Lord shows me heaps when I’m there.

Me: I had a dream – I was flying over a field & looked down to see a lake or pool of water & in it was Jesus rolling side to side in His blood & hacked body. He was dying. And I knew it was for me. I see the fish as the sperm of God in His living water & the red is His blood spattered to reach out for all the people’s wishes to come true for life all around Him on earth. Jesus was a curse to Pharoah. And to anyone who doesn’t receive Him. xo
And I get The Harvest is white!

Veronika: I call it Pharaohs curse. The white things might b scales from th fish as it looms out of a bubble

Me:That makes me vey happy. It is those times with the Lord that are most special & of the utmost importance to us & God. xo