Text conversations with my lovely friend Donna.

Me: This is more true. Just a horizon line. No east or west indicated. Bless your day. I better jump in the shower. Drawing visions is sure time consuming. πŸ˜‰ xo

Donna: Perhaps east and west is true. As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our sin. Genesis has a garden east from eden. The river flows in a confusing way in Ezekiel 47. I have yet to figure it, but there are some places on earth that interfere with poles and trip a compass. Time exists because east goes around the globe, one just ages. even if you try and chase the wind it is futile. Where east meets west is outside of time, and is where our record of sin has been erased. Bloodwash. Paint with red.

Donna: Psalm 103. Psalm 90: 8. Amazing how many scriptures take on new levels. Promises for us if we live from Heaven, outside of time. Psalm 111. Vs9 forever is outside time. And so on.
We must learn to be eternal beings while we have a voice on the earth.
You have a blessed day too, and I loved the skylar piccy. Bless her.
Am thinking about next Paint with Red. Talk soon. X


Me: That’s really helped me Today. “Live outside of time.” xo


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