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My mercy is ignitive

Talking to God about men’s judgement versus His mercy.

He said, “Consider two things, tomfoolery & jiminy cricket.
And He said, “Be kind, & loving.”
And He said, “There is one more thing, there is a way that seems right to men …” (Proverbs 14:12)
And then He said, “Their judgement is lasting. My mercy is ignitive.”

continuing to exist or have an effect for a long time

Having the property of igniting or taking fire.

foolish or silly behaviour.

JIMINY CRICKET quote: “Always let your conscience be your guide.”

Jiminy Cricket depicts man’s wisdom.
If we did let our conscience be our guide, we would all be in serious trouble.
Sometimes consciences get seared.
God only can be our guide.
Jesus is the ultimate Counsellor.
Our own conscience cannot be our own counsellor.
Their judgement is lasting. Consider that? What does that mean? People speaking part truth becomes condemning truth? Or perhaps, their judgment lasts, in which end, there is no end, no release? The sinner dies & goes to hell?
How unlike God does that sound!
God’s mercy ignites a fire in me, that will burn up all the tomfoolery chaff, just like that!
People cannot condemn me with their judgements.
Not only will His fire consume my tomfoolery, but His all consuming fire ignites a love light inside of me that no man can snuff out, with mere, threatening & judgmental words.
People may think they are right, but their ways actually lead to death, & they are not speaking God’s wisdom.
God does not condemn.
God is love.
God’s ignitive mercy leads to life.
A fiery life!
He lights the match to my heart.
He is the match to my heart.
He creates His fire in me.
He sets my heart to burn, to live a holy, supernatural life, with Holy Spirit.