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Little Heather’s diary notes

Blogging to record:
Little Heather’s diary notes
1970 January 1
New Years Day
In the morning Dad gave Mum & me breakfast in bed. Most unusual. Stayed home most of the day. Nanna came over. Keith behaved badly. On the way taking Nanna home we went to Church. The coloured windows reflected on the walls which was a beautiful sight. Showed Nanna my uniform which she said looked lovely on me.

Yak was written the 1st Sept. by Heather S.

1970 January 2
Greg Plate, Keith and I went to Greg’s joint and played with his microscope which was a thrilling experience. The family and myself traveled to the block (Papas place) were we stayed for tea. The kids and I played Hide and Seek and Keith bullied us. Joey’s tablets stopped us from staying at Papas for the night but stayed till quarter past 11.



1970 January 3

Today Julie Williams and myself visited Jillians place taking her for a ride to Faye Williams where we saw her pool. In the afternoon July and me visited Loreans place and then Sabrinas where we played Green-Gohst. We then visited Andrea but soon left as it started to rain. Then the two of us visited Jillian and played miming.

1970 January 4

Slept in today and as I was enjoying my breakfast Julie interrupted . Playing chasey on bikes with R. Smith, Keith, July and L. Milne. Went to Nannas’. Had afternoon tea and went to Mass at 5 o’lock. Watched Imitation of Life. Went to bed late.

1970 January 5

Went to the state theatre to see Courageous Captain Cook and Ring of Bright Water which starred a little otter by the name of Mij who was a little rascal. Angus a naughty man killed it and now I am having a cup of milo and biscuit after watching Bonanza.

1970 January 6

That day we saw at the theatre Black Beards Ghost. It was a funny and thrilling story. We played sevens and had 3 sandwiches.