“Perfect Trustfulness”

Holy Spirit said to me during the night, “Don’t worry Heather. It is undeserving of you. ”

God is saying to me that worrying comes from the Devil, & the Devil is definitely undeserving of my time & thoughts, because I am a chosen daughter whom God loves.

The Devil is undeserving of my attention!

I AM in His only begotten Son Jesus!
I must let His Word sink into me.

Job 32:21
I will be partial to no one,
and I will not give anyone an undeserved title.

Its not that I deserve the title of Beloved. Or even King! Or even Priest!
But because of Jesus, Whom I have made Lord of my life, I do deserve to become, a Child of God.
Holy Spirit does not give me an undeserved title!
He entitles me as a Child of God!
Only Satan tries to lay an undeserved title on me!
Satan entitles me to be a worry wart, but poo to that! I’m not that!
That’s not who I am in Jesus!

And about the worrying thing, God has supernaturally gifted me, from my own past generation, wisdom pearls, from an ever so sincere lover of Himself, Ellen, my great grandmother. In the Dreams book her name means, ‘Of the light.’ Ha ha! God transverses time! His will be done. On Earth. As it is in Heaven. Ha ha again!

As my great grandmother Ellen Meyer said in her writings, “It does not look much on paper but the Lord Jesus knows all the anxious care but still there need not have been any anxious care.
He says “I would have you without carefulness.”
He would rather have seen a “perfect trustfulness.” Just tell Him & leave it with Him. He says
” I will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Me, because he trusteth in Me.”
Yes dear children there need be no worry, & worry grieves & dishonours our Lord.
He wants to lead,
He wants to guide,
He loves to direct our path.
Our God goeth before & He is our Reward – & one precious thing He never makes a mistake.
We stumble & fall & get off the path & wander away, but He never does that. He always knows best & does the right.
Be sure that you are being guided by Him then don’t be afraid to step out boldly, for He says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
I pray that for each one of you may be shining lights for Him.”

Luke 12:22

The Cure for Anxiety

Then He said to His disciples: Therefore I tell you, dont worry about your life, what you will eat; or about the body, what you will wear.
Read the whole chapter! His Word will solve your worrying issues!
Praise Jesus!



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