Sharing some Shiggywiggy 😊

Sharing some shiggywiggy about Habakkuk 3:5& 6. Holy Spirit clarifying some things for me! 😊
Here’s for Habakkuk 3:5

“Plague goes before Him,
and pestilence follows in His steps.”

It’s what His light does.
Plague is revealed in His light. It’s not that God creates the plague. It’s the response of Satan to God’s light, & Satan & his evil cannot help but be exposed & manifest in the form of plague, when our Father in Heaven goes forth in His light & power.
We live in this world. Plague is everywhere & goes before us, but God’s light exposes this destroying murrain & with the power that Jesus has invested in us believers, we can eliminate the plague, in His name.
As for the pestilence, that is the fire, a feverish flame, causative result, from the exposure of Satan again to our Father in Heaven’s light. The dross of Satan’s evil manifest is burnt up in God’s light, to be left seen as burning coals remaining, following the steps of Jesus.
God’s fire in us is greater than Satan’s burning coals. Satan’s burning coals will be burnt to nothing when enveloped by our Father in Heaven’s consuming fire.
Our Father in Heaven loves us, all of us on Earth & has made a way in Jesus, for all of us on Earth, to live victorious fruitful lives.
We in Jesus reign on this Earth over Satan & over all of his evil manifestations & evil works.
We in Jesus are more than conquerors.
All glory be to God.
God is love.
Thank You Jesus, You are the reason I see true life.

Here’s for Habakkuk 3:6

“He stands and shakes the earth;
He looks and startles the nations.
The age- old mountains break apart;
the ancient hills sink down.
His pathways are ancient.”

God stands firm for us to measure & survey the earth.
That word shake, the primitive root to shake is measure.
So it’s not that God shakes the Earth with all intensity of violent destruction, but He shakes the Earth with all intensity of gentle calculated measure. I’m thinking how when Tony screens his formulated compost mixture to a finer grain soil, or a man sifting river sediment panning for gold, or when I add, sift & stir ingredients to make a cake.
God is love.
He considers & perceives for Himself His vision for His Earth, whereabouts He must let loose & set free.
Jesus sets all the people on Earth free, every nation, not one person on Earth, is exempt from receiving His magnificent love.
His perpetual mountains are dispersed, with unending momentum of movement & progression, His purpose overflows.
His everlasting hills bow down, forever humble to the King of Kings.
The way God walks is properly concealed, before & beyond the vanishing point.
God walks in eternity.
Jesus is the way to God & whoever calls upon His name & believes in Him, receives His promise of walking evermore with God on His ancient pathways.


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