Searching out. Love rambles. Oh boy! God’s got it down! Love in the dark places.

Lord he doesn’t love me?
He does Heather. But he doesn’t love you like I love you. Stop complaining & rest in Me.
Talk to me Tony …
In two open visions, Tony saw some trees & a forest. & it looked kinda nice, he said.
Then he saw some water flowing & then the water came together & rushed down as water rushes down a plug in a sink.
What is Holy Spirit showing Tony?
The Word will tell me.
I found this :

& I believe this for the water vision :

The forest one was really nice I thought, which is exactly what Tony thought from his vision. A quote from the found link: It’s time to see the bigger picture. Looking now as a soaring eagle, high and lifted up by the wind of His Spirit, above the mountains in our lives, it’s time to see the forest. . . the big picture if you will, the corporate Body of Christ. . . from God’s eyes of love and mercy. As those of us who are called to reach toward the body do so, we will bring healing in our wings! Then as the “trees” restored, the Sons of God, who have died to allowing their old nature to rule in them and been spiritually resurrected in the Christ nature, will be like bridges from Christ to those still in the corporate body of believers who are called to join the Sons for the restoring of the nations. Then the world will begin to be able to see the majesty of the glory of the “forest” of God’s people come to life by His hand in us, for our hands will be as those of Jesus Himself.

& imagine the water under Peter when he was sinking. It’s like we can walk on that water & not be sucked in, downwards. We are more than conquerors.



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