The son, born from above.

imageI am given a vision
of a mother praying
she is dressed like Mary
the mother of Jesus
I see her kneeling
her hands are together
in gentle plea
to her Father in Heaven
her head is covered
with feminine shawl
draping a moderate poise
shaping the earnest heart
for the unseen son
she calls things into being
calls things that aren’t
as though they were

I am given a vision
of a son
he walks
In a force field of love
unable to be harmed
hasten Your magic Lord
my heart breathes
I wait
I am assured
I am eager to see
I will trust
I will pray
I also believe that what Mary believed
is true
Mary said
(when she was pregnant with God
pregnant with her son Jesus)
that “His mercy is from generation
to generation
on those
who fear Him”
so I perceive
that God is love
& fiercely in love
with all that He has made
& what seems impossible to me
is not
impossible for Him

For as high
as the heavens
are above the earth
so great is
His faithful love
toward those
who fear Him

As far as the east
is from the west
so far
has He removed
our transgressions
from us.

As a father
has compassion
on his children
so the Lord
has compassion
on those
who fear Him

For He knows
what we are made of
that we are

As for man
his days
are like grass
he blooms
like a flower of the field
when the wind passes over it
it vanishes
and its place
is no longer known

But from eternity to eternity
the Lords faithful love
is toward those
who fear Him
and His righteousness toward
the grandchildren
of those
who keep His covenant
who remember
to observe
His precepts

The Lord has established
His throne in heaven
and His kingdom
rules over all


HSCB notes (Psalm 103:17-18) . Although God’s people struggle with unfaithfulness, the Lord’s covenant loyalty endures for those who fear Him (v. 11). The Hebrew word yara’ (“fear”) combines obedience and respect with humility before a sovereign God.

HSCB notes (103:10) While God’s holiness demands payment for sin, God’s mercy and compassion restrain His discipline. The Hebrew word gamal, rendered repaid, forms a wordplay with verse 2 . The Lord’s people enjoy His “benefits” (gemul) because He does not pay them back (gamal) for their sins.

My soul
praise the Lord
and do not forget
His benefits

Jesus has done it all
& for all
of us
on Earth
anyone & everyone
can claim
anyone & everyone
can call Heaven home
see here in His Word
oh my beautiful Lord
When Jesus
had received the sour wine
He said
“It is finished”
Then bowing His head
He gave up
His spirit


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