True Image

Dream – My ‘true image’ says to me (earnest & very stricken to her heart), “You hurt me)”.
In my dream book the meaning of the name Veronica is ‘true image.’

The following words are a conversation that I had with Holy Spirit after the ‘true Image’ dream.

Holy Spirit I need You.

What do you need Heather?

Advice about the ‘true image’ dream.

Search child. What else do you remember about the dream?

Only that Veronica was very genuinely hurt by something I had done & I had no idea what, & I tried to cover it over by saying to myself that she had gotten the wrong idea somehow about something I’d done, & there seemed no point in continuing to think about it because people do tend to make up things & something out of nothing. So I continued on my way & suppressed what she said in my heart.

Anything else?

I went off to be with other people.

I see Holy Spirit! I walked away from my true self & I didn’t consider her pain.

Yes child.

Help me Holy Spirit.

Lean in. Let Me lead you. Consider yourself as loved. Be kind to yourself. You are sweet.

Holy Spirit I read back & see that I didn’t consider my true image as being hurt for real, & I overlooked her feelings completely. I disregarded her as not being truthful, but how could she not be truthful when she is my true image! My true image is now Jesus. I am made in God’s image. I will regard my feelings as true & feel & act kindly to my true self, with Your help Holy Spirit.

I love you Heather. Be kind to yourself. When you’re hurt, be kind to yourself. Listen to your lament, & pour love on. Father is lovingkindness Himself. He loves you with all of His heart.


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