The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand


I felt You drawing me up towards that brightest light
I knew that You were inside that brightest light
I felt your love for me intensify as You drew me closer closer
Up out from that Murray river water
I could have drowned
Slipping through that inner tube
Who saw me in time?
My parents were just a bit too far away
Sitting up on the riverbank
Much to their distraught
What with the other children swimming around me it would have been so easy to slip into the water unnoticed
But You had someone else’s young lad in situ to save me
How could that young lad see me?
In the black depths
You must have given him X-ray eyes
With one wave of Your magic hand
You made alight those black & deathly depths
With little starry lights
You dazzled my child of three heart
So that I would always remember & never forget
Who You are
I see now that the wonderful young lad who saved me
Reminds me of another son
Your son
You didn’t take me then
But one day I know that I will rise up to be with You forever more
I am not afraid
Because I know that Your love for me is so intense
Father of lights
You’re great!



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