Next Spiritual Painting Planning


Start with browns & purples & muted blues The hospital walls as prison bars Antiquated Glenside ominous eerie lost stillness Being there Horror On the bed in the middle of an upstairs room There are other beds in this upstairs room Another girl in another bed near the door Vagueness surrounds me but I remember speaking with her as she sat in the bed near the door & saying to her how good that she was to be reading the Bible She said that she wasn’t that good She seemed amazing to me She talked of her family & troubles Not a long conversation But then on maybe two days I heard that she was taken to the Royal Adelaide hospital through the night & that she had died She was burnt A guy that she knew had come to Glenside at night She was doused in petrol & set alight On the hospital grounds Did this really happen it’s too horrific isn’t it? But she wasn’t in that bed by the door anymore We were victims Poor devils someone said as they drove passed the place Was I a devil? I wasn’t a devil! My mind dark oppressed lost In a vacuum of hopelessness not knowing anything Why & what for anything Corruption loomed Labelled post natal depression Dominated & under the control of people systems But that dark place is where I met Jesus He came to me in a vision I saw Him He was standing side on from me I recognised Him from Sunday School picture books In His robe & having long hair I said oh that is Jesus ok I believe it is You help me A quiet still voice inside of me said Go & look after your children & husband I will be your strength After hearing that it was like walking on air God had given me a purpose but I didn’t have to do it all in my own strength how could I He would be my strength & I can guarantee you all who is reading this that He really was & is my strength Forever I remember staring from the window & seeing my dear parents walking across the hospital grounds coming to visit me Oh how it must have been for them But they love me you see & now I can see love & I can have love & I can be love All thanks to Jesus Him coming for me It’s all about the children God loves all His children I will paint an aura of light around Jesus & His light streaming over to me on the bed I know now that the still quiet voice was Holy Spirit It was two years after that I decided I needed to go to a Church to be around people who believe the same thing No preacher brought me to God Jesus Himself was the One Who brought me to God But I love the preachers & I love the other believers & I love all people because all people are children of God whether they know it or not



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